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A Special Story about A Chance to Dance

Amaya’s love for dance began when a caregiver showed her some ballet dance positions:  pirouette, plie and arabesque.  She learned them (in her own style) and was excited to show anyone who asked for a demonstration.  At that time, I … Continue reading

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It’s Officially Summer by Cathy Graziano NDWF Executive Director

Summer has officially begun and it is time to recharge and relax.  Summertime for most dancers means the recitals are over and dance semesters have ended, it also is the closing of another successful National Dance Week Foundation year.  I … Continue reading


Dancerprenuer by Susan Epstein NDWF Board Member

It’s my new word.  I have come to realize that we are more than dancers; we are creative innovators, reinventing ourselves over and over again, sometimes at considerable risk.  That’s the perfect word for us – Dancerpreneur.  Dancers are often … Continue reading


A Special Thank You by Cathy Graziano Executive Director

National Dance Week Foundation is honored to thank both Curtain Call Costumes and UDMA for their donation in the name of Patrica Goulding National Dance Week was formed in 1981 by a group of dance related organizations who began a strong “grass … Continue reading


Is Dance A Sport? NOT!

It’s an age old question, talked about more today because of all the dance competitions and TV shows.  A recent article in the Huffington Post put it all in prospective for me.  For a long time I was of the … Continue reading


Thank You

There are times in our lives when we are privileged to follow in the footsteps of a true inspiration and difference maker.  As many of you know National Dance Week Foundation is near and dear to my heart because of … Continue reading


Dancers Kick Bullying to the Curb By Sue Gordon NDWF Secretary and Algy Costume Company

You don’t have to be a Super Hero to fight injustice. Every day we have the opportunity to make our world a little better. As dancers we are always trying to grow and improve. We want to be better in … Continue reading


“Stop Comparing Yourself to Others”

No matter how much things change is how much things stay the same.  This is a great article that is encouraging to us all….plus a bit of history “Martha Graham on the Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to Others” by … Continue reading


Dancing Through the Holidays by Anneliese Wilson ABC For Dance and NDWF Vice Chair

Holidays are stressful times for many people.  Very often those in the dance industry find them even more stressful due to the pressures of family, work, holiday performances, disrupted routines and parties and celebrations.  Whether you are a dancer, teacher, … Continue reading


Making a Difference – by Christy Lane

Sometimes you wonder if you make a difference. You wonder if others understand  the passion you have for making this a better world  through music and movement. So yesterday I hopped a plane to the National Dance Educators Organization Conference … Continue reading