Importance of Dance History - Beyonce does Fosse

Everything old is new again!  Just a reminder of the wonderful choreography and inspiration Bob Fosse has been to the dance world.  A perfect example is seen in the above video - his moves stands the test of time.  They are as entertaining today with Beyonce as they were with Gwen Verdon.  Teachers this is why we need to expose and education dancers today about the wonderful pioneers of dance that have helped shaped the many styles we incorporate today.


Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America and their support of National Dance Week

Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America has helped celebrate National Dance Week since 2014 - it is NDWF's pleasure to introduce them to you!

3 National Tours, 37 States, 55+ Dance Studios, Thousands of Dancers

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New Changes and New Date for National Dance Week

Change is good - change is exciting - change is change.  For years National Dance Week has been celebrated at the end of  April thru the beginning of May in honor of Jean-George Noverre who was known as "The Shakespeare of the Ballet.   This has been an honor but we have heard from so many in the dance community that this is an extremely busy time of year.

The new date will be February 24 - March 5 2017.  (it will always start the last Friday of February)

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Why I support "A Chance to Dance" by Amy Metrena, MSPT Physical Therapist

Imagine you are 19. Unable to move on your own.  Unable to sit without holding on.  Having the chance to dance. -showcase your strengths - have fun - connect with your peers. Imagine the possibilities.

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