Emma Wilson - 2016 Essay

Dancing is a part of me. To me, a day without dance is like a day without sunshine. Dance helps me to succeed in all of my other everyday activities. When I dance I can take my mind off of everything else. But most importantly, I can make dreams come true!

Dancing has helped me to succeed in other aspects of my life. For example, at dance, I need to train myself to not get frustrated and to learn from my mistakes. If a dance teacher gives me a correction, I take it like receiving a present, and happily fix it. I’ve learned to take that enthusiasm and apply it in other important parts of life, especially school. If I realize that I’m wrong, I simply take a breath and start over because the answer won’t become correct unless you work hard and fix it. Just like in dancing, you won’t learn a certain step by hoping for it, you need to practice it. I truly believe that dancing has helped me get where I am now in school, band and growing up.


Emma Wilson (age 11)
Mill Ballet School
Lambertville, NJ