Emma Wilson - 2017 Essay

Dancing is a part of me. To me, a day without dance is like a day without sunshine. Dance helps me to succeed in all of my other everyday activities. When I dance I can take my mind off of everything else. But most importantly, I can make dreams come true! Dancing has helped me to succeed in other aspects of my life. For example, at dance, I need to train myself to not get frustrated and to learn from my mistakes. If a dance teacher gives me a correction, I take it like receiving a present, and happily fix it. I’ve learned to take that enthusiasm and apply it in other important parts of life, especially school. If I realize that I’m wrong, I simply take a breath and start over because the answer won’t become correct unless you work hard and fix it. Just like in dancing, you won’t learn a certain step by hoping for it, you need to practice it. I truly believe that dancing has helped me get where I am now in school, band and growing up.

When I walk into a dance studio, it feels like everything that happened to me that day flows out of me. It’s like getting to start over and have a fresh start. If I had a rough day I can just forget about it and be happy again. Nobody judges you by the way you move your body. Everyone has their own way to express themselves, to rise to the top, and to fly!

Those who dance can truly bring joy to others. Although there are many people in this world that don’t take dance lessons, everyone can dance. If you’re someone who can, you need to spread the happiness you feel when you dance. That is one of the magical powers of dance. You can easily spread happiness through it and bring joy to others. This is another thing that dancing helps me to do in life. If I’m frustrated, overwhelmed, or even scared I can just dance and let all of it out. Then, I can be happy again. So many people dream of going to see a ballet at Lincoln Centre, but you can make those dreams come true just by dancing alone in your living room for someone. Dancing is really just a dream that keeps on growing and coming true!

I dance because it clears my mind, it helps to strengthen me in other parts of my life, and dancing makes dreams come true! Dancing is magical!

By Emma Wilson – 11yrs old 5th Grade