Ananda Daniel - 2017 Essay

Ananda Daniel: National Dance Week Essay Contest Entry (Middle School)


Dance is an expression of yourself through movement with music or a beat. I think everyone should get a chance to dance including special ed for multiple reasons. Dance is exciting. Exercising is healthy for you physically and mentally. Dance is for everyone including you, that is why I think everyone should get a kick at it.  Dance helps you learn. It can lift spirits or bring them down. Dance can make someone remember or make someone forget. Dance can make someone laugh or make someone cry. Dance can do many things and I think everyone deserves a try.


The best thing about dance is that it’s worldwide. You can do dance anywhere you please. Dance can be done whenever and wherever. Dance is multicultural and every single culture has a different type of it. Dance is different. Dance is new and old. Dance is a way of communication that is to hard to explain with words. Every and anyone can learn even if it’s just with your arms or with your legs. It’s still dance. Dance is challenging and easy for everyone who does it.  We dance because it enlightens us it soothes us it gives us a challenge.


Dance is good for anyone who does it. Dance is a way to express yourself to others or just to yourself. Many people enjoy dance not only by themselves but also with others. Not everyone can dance and just flow with it. Dance has to be taught to most. Dance is freedom from anything that is holding you back. Dance can inspire others to dance. Dance is a talent and also a skill.  Dance can be with one part of your body or all.

A chance to dance is always a chance to take. Dance is like a sport, if you love it you will practice until either you’re tired or it’s perfect. Dance travels through every culture. Dance is exhilarating. Dance is healthy for you. Dance is free and fun. Dance requires no words at all. Dance is passion, joy, a feeling, alive, art, love, and creative. Dance makes people happy inside and out. That is why I think dance is for everyone, including special needs.