Valdon Daniel III - 2017 Essay

Valdon Daniel III  - age 13                                                                                                                     

 Importance of dance


Dance is important because dance can be universal. Dance can get you healthy. You can get dancing careers. Dance can increase confidence. These are some reason dance is important to me.

Dance can be universal. You can learn about different cultures. Dance allows you to take a journey around the world through dance. My favorite dance was Samba. Samba is a cultural dance in South America and other countries.

Dance is important because you can get healthy. In my opinion Dance is a better alternative to get healthy than working out. Dance and working out require the same energy. In addition dance is a fun activity to do.

When you get recognized for dancing, can dance and can make choreography. Then you could apply to be a Dance Teacher. With experience you could be a Back- up dancer for celebrities. Finally, you can dance in commercials.

Dance is important because it can bring you joy where ever you go. Dance can bring out your emotions Dance in invigorating and you can do it anywhere you want to in the car, at a school dance etc. You can also dance whenever you want. You don’t have to practice at a stadium or a field either. Finally dancing can put a smile on your their face.


In conclusion dance is important because it is universal, you can get fit, you can get dancing careers, and dance makes people happy.