Rikki Jones - 2019 Essay

Why is dance so important to me?
By -Rikki Jones

This sounds like a simple statement, however in order for me to explain why I love to dance I
need to take you back to the beginning of my personal story. It all started when I was thirteen
years old. I told my mother that I wanted to practice ballet; however my mother felt that I was
too old to start a complicated dance like ballet. My mind was set I wanted to dance and nothing
was going to stop my dream. At the age of four I was diagnosed with autism. Autism has been
described as having a developmental disorder that causes difficulties in social interactions and
communication and having repetitive thoughts or behavior. For me that just means when I get a
thought in my head it just stays there until I can act on it. The desire to dance was in my head
and driving me to find a way to make my dream come true.
Dancing for me can be a way to express myself without words, because sometimes when I
speak my words and thoughts are not always understood by other people. Dancing allows me to
use music and movements to speak for me. I can communicate without words and say something
that is clearly understood. It takes me to another place where I can be free, everything is happy.
Everything is alright. It gives me joy in my heart and I can share my gift that God gave to me.
Why is dance important to me? That’s easy, for me it’s because I’m not someone with a
disability I’m someone who just loves to dance and share my gift with the world. Dancing takes
me to a happy place. When you see me dance know that I’m happy.