Jayden DuBose - 2020 Essay Winner

What I will dance for.
By: Jayden DuBose

At my local dance studio, A Time to Dance, I am an assistant in a special needs hip-hop class. It
is pretty awesome to be able to do that because I can make the other students feel like they are
part of the dance community, even though it is likely that they have felt excluded in other parts
of their lives. Also, if someone doesn't know how to do a move, I try to show kindness to them
by showing them again slowly and then get a little faster until they feel confident enough to try it.
I also try to help the people in my class love to do hip-hop as much as I do by showing them
how fun it can be when you try your best. When we play dance games, I love to play them right,
but also be silly when I dance to make the other dancers laugh and have a good time. It is nice
to be able to have fun with the people in that class but also help them feel included in a
community where their disabilities don’t matter. It is also fun for me to be included in their class
because it gives me a chance to put my dancing abilities to good use but still have fun. Another
thing that I will dance for, is the feeling that once our dance is ready, we will be able to show the
dance community what we have learned, and the advancements we have made in our abilities
to dance. So, to answer the question, I will dance for inclusion, community, and kindness,
because God gave me the ability to dance and I like to share that ability with others, no matter
what anyone says.