Imran Iqbal - 2021 Essay

Why I Dance

by Imran Iqbal age 12

I dance so I can make others happy. I really love it too. My parents said when I was a baby I was nodding my head to music like I was dancing. Everyone laughed and smiled. I don't remember it but it is something that makes me happy when I think about it. I usually imitate ballerinas but I'm not very good. I usually trip but I still do it. I keep on trying and I never give up. Dancing means so much to me. When others are dancing and someone is not dancing, I end up going to them and making them laugh as I dance and make funny remarks. I have never had any professional dance classes except the 3 dance electives I took in each trimester. Even before that people said that I’m pretty good. As I dance around some friends, I get them to do a dance for at least a short period of time. I want to encourage them and make them feel more confident. I love entertaining people! There was one time I became so nervous that I couldn’t dance. My family was sad and I regret that day. I usually dance at parties even when people stare. I dance when I am stressed, and I also dance to see if I can have an idea. Dancing means to me that I can include others, in a fun way. It can also help others by helping them out of their shell. I also really like seeing others dance. I love seeing new styles and different people doing something they learned but adding their own flavor. They try to teach me but some things I just can't do. I have also learned so many new things. Like I never knew of a dance move called a coffee grinder and how much dance meant in history. So many people danced and made a great difference. That is one thing I love about dancing. I am enjoying dancing and might take some additional courses. I really love dancing for it has given me so many opportunities to express myself and I even made some friends while dancing. Also I’m light on my feet which really helps my body in doing things. When I’m doing nothing I usually do some sort of dance. My favorite moves to do is moves that involve spinning. My body actually has adapted to it so that I don't get dizzy unless I have spun way too many times. It really gives me breathing space and helps me learn something that I thought I could only dream of. Dancing is a major part of my life, even if I don't win, Im still happy someone got to read this.