Scholarship Application

Teachers and Educators  - Scholarships opportunities for those who have or hope to provide dance education opportunities to those with special needs and learning differences.  

Applicant qualifications - judged on integration with NDF's effort to fundraise, create awareness and involvement in your community.

Scoring System - 

   - Essay on application

  - Get involved in dance mob and/or sell most shirts

  - Community awareness fundraiser - donation to NDF A Chance to Dance Initiative

           Candy/food/candle sales

             Studio garage sale

             Car wash

             NDF A Chance to Dance Walk A Thon. Great marketing tool - a great family event. Promotes sense of community

             Participate in Spirit of Dance, Star Systems and Power of Dance - dance competitions....which donate prize to non profit

Win a Scholarship for - Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Teacher Certification Workshop - Wingman For Dance.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted September – March 31st.  Winners will be announced and chosen in April.

Any applications received after that day will be applied to the following year.

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